The Remarkable Story of Louis Chenevert

The French-Canadian businessman, Louis Chenevert, born in the 1950s, has gone on to become one of Canada’s most influential corporate personalities. The 6’5’’ man was born in Quebec, Canada. He attended the University of Montreal’s affiliate business school, HEC Montreal. After completion of his studies here, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management. Shortly after his graduation, Chenevert was hired by General Motors (GM) to work in one of the company’s satellite production plants, St. Therese. He was later promoted to become Production General Manager at St. Therese. After spending 14 years in GM, Chenevert joined Pratt & Whitney Canada- a business unit of the larger United Technologies Corporation (UTC). His meteoric rise was illustrated even further when he was elected President of Pratt & Whitney in 1999- merely six years after his arrival into the company.

After his seven-year tenure as President of Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert was elected President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of United Technologies Corporation in March 2006. During his tenure as President and CEO of UTC, Chenevert achieved remarkable feats that most corporate executives can only dream of. One of the milestones of his tenure was the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation, at the value of $18.4 billion. Goodrich Corp was a supplier of high-tech products to global aerospace manufacturing companies. This was the most monumental acquisition in the history of the UTC, and one of the most notable in the aerospace industry.

Under the stewardship of Chenevert, UTC grew in assets, revenues and profits to become one of the most influential aviation companies on the globe. Chenevert further endorsed the company’s Employee Scholar Program- a project that caters for costs of the firm’s employees looking to pursue further education. With a more educated workforce, UTC was able to reach its true potential, becoming a dominant force in the aerospace industry. In December 2014, Chenevert stepped down as CEO OF UTC. In September 2015, he was appointed Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs. His job description involved seeking out investment opportunities in the aerospace industry.

All That You Need To Know About the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Globally many organizations fight human rights. The groups mostly give on the civil, human and migrant rights. The panels may be either state-based or intentionally centered.

Whichever the aim of the organization they aim at having an improvement in the lives of the citizens.

Among the most notable group include; – The coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), ACLU Immigrants rights project, Amazon Watch, The advocate for human rights and lacey and Larkin foundation which the articles will cover in details.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, Is a zero profit organization that focuses on the rights of the migrants in the border regions. The team aims to advocate for the immigration reforms and prevention of the deaths caused by poor living condition s of the immigrants.

There is foundation have educational and awareness programs that are geared towards addressing significant theory challenges and the response they should have.

The world has been built to become a global village. Some efforts are put in place to ensure all the issues about the various factors in the countries that harbor the development get dealt. There have been significant violation civil, migrant and human rights. The result has been the start-up of many groups with an approach to have the trend changed. The teams have had efforts to revert the process through various methods like the campaigns, and support of the affected groups. Among the notable co-operates in advocating for the change in the trend include the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Michael and Jim have one common trait. That is helping the community. It has led them to start much organization with the aim of improving the needy and the vulnerable citizen in the country. Among the startup organizations, they have implemented include. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Phoenix new times, village voice media .the two firms are dedicated to offering help to the migrant groups. The beneficiaries’ organizations are those that advocate for the migrant’s rights.

Their efforts have had a massive crisis by the Maricopa Country where on Oct 18, 2007, they were arrested for $3.75million.this in a move that they expected out of their vast support of the migrants. The journalist viewed that their article on the Sheriff was the primary cause of their arrest.

MR lacey and Larkin believes that the fund will support those groups that have the similar intention to theirs while advocating for the rights of the migrants. It’s their belief with the empowerment of the residents their voice and freedom of speech will be guaranteed. Also, the journalists view that the political inclusion in the Mexican border will have a great benefit.

The journalist founded the organization in 1970.They saw the start of the body as a substitute to the Phoenix Arizona newspaper. Their arrest triggered their move for questioning of Sheriff Engagements.

The cases that they were involved in served well as the compensation made them have enough funds for the startup of the business. The organization with such efforts is deemed to make a mark that can be seen in future.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Refuse to give up.

Even after winning a 3.75 million dollar settlement from Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are still working for Hispanic rights. Joe Arpaio, the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, during his time in office, had the Arizona Hispanic population in his scope. As victims of Arpaio themselves, Lacey and Larkin can relate to the pain and suffering caused by Joe Arpaio.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larking are using the Frontera Fund as their main form of altruism. The former co-owners of the Phoenix New Times are using The Frontera Fund to support a very large list of charities in and around Arizona. They donate to causes both relating directly to Hispanic-Americans and to the general population. The foundation was created with funds awarded to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The lawsuit was filed after an illegal arrest that resulted in a first amendment violation.


Joe Arpaio, the man who had Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin illegally arrested, was on a 24 year spree of torment during his 24 years as Sheriff of Maricopa County. Criminals and law-abiding citizens were both subjugated to Arpaio’s immoral actions and terror-filled jail systems. In 1993, only a year after he was elected, he organized an outdoor facility in the middle of the Arizona desert. Prisoners were held in horrible conditions: one prisoner died.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are not only trying to fix the damage done by Arpaio, they are also working to prevent more damage from happening. They are doing this with Front Page Confidential. Front Page Confidential is their newest publication. It reports on instances of political injustices and constitutional violations.


Igor Cornelsen Your Trusted Brazilian Investor

The Brazilian economy is of the most successful economies in the word. However, in order to reap the great benefits of this market, one of the key things an investor needs to do is get a manager who can help navigate the Brazilian market. Igor is one of the best investors you can lay your hands on. Not only does Cornelsen have a good understanding of the market, but he also has the experience you need.

Mr. Cornelsen has made a name for himself by working for some of the most successful companies and banks in Brazil. His position on the Brazilian stock markets has put him on a good position to share credible investment tips about the Brazilian investment industry. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: and

According to Mr. Cornelsen the following are some of the key points any investor in Brazil needs to pay attention to if he or she is to become successful.

The first basic investment rule for to him is that investors need to get rid of short term losing stocks and invest in long terms stocks. Secondly, after choosing long-term stocks, Mr. Igor advises investors to take time, connect with the Brazilian people and get to understand what is happening around.

This is important and will help an investor choose the best stocks to diversify their portfolio. Going by Igor’s record of accomplishment, its true to say that the above two tips will help you earn lots of dividends from your investments.

Currently, he is retired after he officially left the Brazilian investment industry in 2010 and now enjoys a quiet life in South Florida with his family. However, Igor Cornelsen still invests as a hobby.

Igor Cornelsen is the manager of Bainbridge Inv Inc. Bainbridge Inv Inc. is an investment firm that deals with long term investments where Igor is involved with scouting investment opportunities for future purposes.

If you want to be successful in the Brazilian investment industry, Igor Cornelsen is one person you will need to take seriously.

Regardless of where you are, you can always count on him and his insights to help you navigate the world 8th largest economy, the Brazilian economy.


Jeff Pastime: The Financial Acumen with a Wealth of Experience

     Jeff Yasmine is a brilliant financial journalist that has spent a good chunk of his life serving the public through the passing of useful business information. He does this through writing and reporting – the two things that he has done for a while and needless to say, he is very good at. He is also an investigative journalist, who digs into systems such as infrastructure and how these systems impact the economy.

So why does Jeff Yastine know so much about investing and finances? Well apart from being an incredibly gifted editorial director at banyan hill publishing since 2015, he also doubles up as a weekly contributor of the top total wealth insider. He is also the editor of the Total Wealth Insider, and that said; then you already have an inkling of how experienced this man is when it comes to matters of investments and general money management.

In addition to that, Mr. Yastine is the man you want to lend your ear to especially when you are looking to have an in-depth understanding of money trends especially if you have interests in stock investments. As if that’s not all, he is also an esteemed weekly contributor to the Winning Investor Daily as well as the Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily.

These two publications are also intended to give people a proper understanding of business and money, just like the other publications that he is a proud editor or contributor. He has also been linked to the business part of the internet especially with the dot-com era in the ‘90s and the blossoming of the real estate sector back in the mid-2000’s.

In total, Mr. Jeff Yastine has almost two decades worth of financial wisdom and experience that anyone can consider as beneficial. Thankfully, he hasn’t been selfish with his knowledge since he has spent that two decades talking to smart businesspeople as well as CEOs and sharing whatever wealth of experience he had. And that explained why he has always been attached to more than a handful of success stories from small or startup companies to corporates.

Due to his hard work and wealth of experience, Mr. Yastine won an Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting back in 2007. Though he didn’t bag the Award, the recognition alone went a long way to showing just how much of a dedicated person he is.

Mike Baur’s altruism begets his legacy.

Mike Baur is a Swiss-based businessman and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Freiburg, Switzerland, Baur is perhaps best known for being a co-founder and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory.


Baur started his illustrious banking career at only sixteen, after obtaining Masters in Business Administration degrees (MBA) from The University of Bern and The University of Rochester. He would spend another 20 years in the private banking sector of Switzerland, starting off as a Union Bank of Switzerland apprentice.


Baur rose in the bank’s ranks gradually, becoming a top financial advisor to some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Switzerland. This feat he achieved before hitting his thirties. He quit UBS on 2008. Other banks he worked with include Clariden Leu, where he worked for six years and Sallfort.


In 2014, the talented wealth manager decided to spend his energies on his two passions, youth, and entrepreneurship. He, therefore, partnered with Max Meister, a former schoolmate, and found the Swiss Startup Factory. The idea behind it was to offer mentorship and training to young and digital entrepreneurs and inventors.


SSUF started in Zurich and provided funding to promising startups. Three months of assistance is offered for each new and intriguing idea. They are trained in finance, investor network, entrepreneurial network and office space. The young tech-entrepreneurs also get network and socialize.


The SSUF also encourages the development of the qualifying young startups’ pitching abilities in pitching contests. These are known as START summiteer, and usually, they take place in Swiss Universities. START summiteer enables 30 entrepreneurs to speak on their products, business models and plans.


Experienced financial experts then evaluate the startups and eventually decide who wins after going through a rigorous evaluation process. Only firms requiring funding of up to $1 000 000 are allowed to take part in the process. The winner usually receives substantial investments from interested parties. Baur’s participation has established SSUF’s credibility as a reliable business incubator.


Mike Baur created Think Reloaded in the same year. It is a firm that offers financial advice to more affluent clients. He still runs Think Reloaded to date and is still a partner at Swiss Startup Factory where he continues empowering young entrepreneurs like him. While he could have had a steady and illustrious career in the banking world, Baur chose to follow his dreams and in the process created an even more distinguished name for himself. In addition to that, he has touched and undoubtedly will keep on changing the lives of this and other generations of young entrepreneurs and innovators.


Dr. David Samadi Highly Regarded Oncologist, Urologist, and Robotic Surgery Expert

     Many people are not aware of the fact that prostate cancer is the second biggest leading cause of death among men. It is why; it is important for the people to be aware of its symptoms and must go for health screenings regularly. When a person applies to testing, many of the underlying problems in men are identified and treated at the right time, which helps in ensuring that the issue doesn’t take a larger shape in the future. Dr. David Samadi who is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology Department at Lenox Hill Hospital feels that if men go for prostate cancer screening annually, the lives of many people can be saved. Many of the patients that Dr. David Samadi comes across on a daily basis have prostate cancer that could have been avoided, and it has become one of the leading causes of worry and concern for him. He believes that the primary reason for this happening is due to the lack of awareness among men about prostate cancer, its symptoms, and its treatment.

To do his part of creating awareness in the society about prostate cancer and help the victims, family members, and the survivors of the prostate cancer, Dr. David Samadi recently announced the launch of Prostate Cancer Support Group at the Lenox Hill Hospital. The support group would help the people living with prostate cancer to share what they feel about the disease and what they are going through, physically and mentally. Sharing their grief and concerns with survivors and patients of prostate cancer would help in relieving stress, and would also provide strength to go through the treatment with a positive mindset. Often when diagnosed with a significant disease, people get stressful and are not able to live their normal lives. However, with the help of the prostate cancer support group, many of such concerns would be addressed efficiently.

Dr. David Samadi feels that with the help of the Prostate Cancer Support Group, the importance of annual screening for prostate cancer would also be propagated among men. Many people simply ignore when it comes to health screening thinking there is nothing wrong with their body, but there just might be something that needs to be medically examined and treated. Dr. David Samadi is a celebrity doctor who often features in Fox News Channel as the medical consultant and is often seen in many of the medical based shows on Fox News.

More at

US Money Reserve Partners To Aid In Hurricane Recovery

Hurricane Harvey left a devastating path of destruction as it swept through the Texas Gulf Coast region. Homes and businesses were lost due to the heavy downpour of rain, flooding many areas throughout the region. Organizations have banned together to assist in the recovery and rebuilding effort. US Money Reserve, Inc. has partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to help survivors of the storm return to their homes and businesses.

Their main focus is to help people get back their quality of life. Us Money Reserve and the Austin Disaster Relief Network are proudly assisting with emergency housing and financial aid, emotional and spiritual care, as well as transportation.

US Money Reserve has organized a fund wherein 100% of all donations will go directly to the Austin Disaster Relief Network for immediate assistance to Texas residents affected by the disaster left by the storm. Hurricane Harvey impacted many of the employees and customers of US Money Reserve.

The company was founded in Austin, and still has the headquarters there. It also has offices in Lumberton, and Beaumont, Texas. It was welcomed into the Houston during the early years of the company’s existence.

Founded in 2001, US Money Reserve has grown to be the largest distributor of silver, gold, and platinum legal tender products, both U.S. and foreign issued. The company was founded with a focus on guiding customers in the purchase of precious metals. The business has more than 400,000 clients since it was founded. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Biz Journals revealed that the satisfied customers have benefited from the US Money Reserve and it’s expert staff in finding the best available products on the market, and coin research. The Business Consumer Alliance has recognized the practices of US Money Reserve as excellent, and awarded them a trip “A” rating.

The road to recovery from Hurricane Harvey is going to be a long one. With estimated damages totaling more than $180 billion, organizations like US Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network will help with any emergency need.

They will collect and provide food and cleaning supplies to distribute among the many communities. Today US Money Reserve is under the leadership of Philip. N. Diehl, and expert in industry of precious metals.

The special organisations that protect individual human rights

The housing and eviction rights centre

The organisation is based in the United States. The USA is one of the countries that are affected by housing problems. People lose jobs from time to time, and they become incapable of paying the required house bills like rents. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The house owners take this chance to frustrate their tenants because of desperation. The housing and eviction rights centre provides a forum where such individuals can be heard. Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin:

There are laws to be followed before such actions are taken, but in most cases, the house owners are not careful to follow the laws. Most evictions are done out anger and frustrations.

Disabled people’s international

Based in the United States, the nonprofit making organization stands in the place of the disabled people. The organization operates on the basis that the disabled people equally require a fair treatment in all the places.

The most interesting thing about this organization is that the management is controlled by the people with disability. The argument for this decision is that the people without any disabilities cannot understand the challenges of disability.

The organization receives funds from the government since their major focus is on the privately owned companies that frustrate people with disability.

The Freedom from Torture organization

Prisoners are the most forgotten people in the society today. The prisoners face several challenges within the boundaries of prison but there is very little they can do. Cases of immorality have been reported in prisons.

People have been killed and several others tortured by the authorities and their fellow mates. The Freedom from torture organization champions for better treatment of the prisoners.

The organization is currently behind the fall of Keefe Group. Keefe Group is a company that is run by selfish cartels who are interested in oppressing the prisoners. The company used to hike prices of commodities in different prisons, especially in Florida to make bigger profits.

The impact of the Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are among the people who have used their resources to help in the fight for the human rights. The gentlemen were wrongly convicted because of exposing a sheriff.

After the case was heard and the duo receiving their compensation, Jim and Michael donated the entire sum to the works of human rights. The funds were used to support the organizations that were interested in making the world a better place.

The contribution that the two made has been used widely in changing the lives of the oppressed.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and James Larkin:


The Results of Joe Arpaio’s time as Sheriff of Maricopa County

Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County for almost 25 years. During this time he abused prisoners of his jail systems and wrongful arrest Latinos. He also made an attempt to silence the press when he arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, unlike most of Arpaio’s victims, had the power to fight back. When Maricopa County issued a subpoena requesting the revelation of the Phoenix New Time’s readers and staff, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published an article about it. When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by Joe Arpaio, they filed lawsuit.

Lacey and Larkin walked away from the lawsuit with $3.7 million dollars. They used this money to start a new operation called The Frontera Fund, a charity that provides funds for several other charities. The Frontera Fund works primarily with Hispanic-focused charities because of Joe Arpaio’s attitude towards them. Lacey and Larkin know what its like to be victims of Joe Arpaio, so Lacey and Larkin are working to apologize to the citizens of Maricopa County on Arpaio’s behalf.


More About Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio created a facility called Tent City almost immediately upon taking office. He has cost the taxpayers of Maricopa County millions of dollars due to lawsuits resulting from his immoral behavior. Lawsuits were rampant during Arpaio’s time as Sheriff. The illegal arrest of Ortega Melendres alone cost Maricopa County $70 million.


The Stinkiest Flower in the United States

Orange Coast College is a typical community college. They have about 25,000 students, and don’t charge the exorbitant prices of higher end colleges. In Orange County, this is the third largest community college. There’s not a lot that doesn’t happen here. Most of their students are undergraduates looking to get college experience under their belts for less than typical pricing. With their mascot as Pete the Pirate, it’s not surprising that they have one of the stinkiest flowers on earth on their campus.


They have a corpse flower – also known as the Amorphophallus titanum. The flower gets its nickname from the smell it produces when it flowers. It is said to smell like a corpse that’s beginning to rot. In June 2017, it bloomed again. This is something rare for a student, a once-in-a-college-time experience.


After the initial bloom of the corpse flower (which takes a decade to mature), the flower will bloom again once every three to five years. Most college students are only at a community college for two to four years. They will only see it bloom – and smell the bloom too – once unless they live around the area. If they don’t live in the area, Orange Coast College has set up a webcam to let people see the bloom. If they live in the area and don’t want to smell it, they can also view this webcam.


This is considered the smelliest flower. For Orange Coast College to have one on their campus is amazing, and there is nothing more interesting to a botany student than a rare flower.


For updates, follow Orange Coast College on Facebook.

Louis Chenevert’s Successes in Business

There are few people who have the ability to run a major corporation. Louis Chenevert is one of those people. Over the years, he has developed a great reputation for adding value to others as much as possible. Many people are impressed with the work that Louis Chenevert accomplished with United Technologies Corporation. This is one of the leading companies in the world today.

Louis Chenevert is the type of person who is always trying to improve his company. He started investing in technology in the beginning, and this decision is starting to pay off. He also strongly believes in treating employees the right way.


One of the biggest reasons for the success of United Technologies Corporation over the years is that the company attracts the best talent in the industry. Many years ago, Louis Chenevert decided to start investing in employee talent and retention. Although this was am expensive decision at first, the company is starting to see a lot of benefits from it.

Louis Chenevert paid employees more than the industry average. This means that the best employees from the industry try and come to work for his company. This is a huge advantage in an industry like this one. Although it costs the company more in employee wages, it pays for itself quickly through more productivity at work.

Growth Plans

Louis Chenevert is never satisfied with his current level of success. He has many bold plans to grow his company in the years ahead during his time at UTC. Louis Chenevert is a strong proponent of investing in the local community as well. He is the type of person who is always willing to help people who are in need.

Currently, Louis Chenevert works as an Exclusive Advisor for Goldman Sachs. The people who work for him love his passion for work and helping customers.