The Ancient Weapon Of Siege Warfare

The Trabuco, also known as the trebuchet, was an ancient siege engine that was capable of throwing large stones a far distance. The weapon was generally built on site, making it immobile. It was operated by a team of trained weapons engineers and was one of the most feared weapons of its time for its ability to quickly knock over and destroy enemy fortifications.

The first trabuco was invented and used by the ancient Chinese. It was a fairly small weapon and was nothing more than a large wooden pole attached to a heavy base. This particular version of the weapon could be operated by two Chinese soldiers, who held onto sidebars and used their own bodies as a lever to swing the pole, which contained a leather sling that held a stone. According to, the soldiers would then use a combination of their body weight and physical strength to build up momentum on the pole, spinning the device until the desired speed was placed on it. When the soldiers stopped moving the leather sling would successfully release the stone and it would quickly launch itself across the battlefield and strike anything in its path. This first trebuchet was useful as an anti-personal weapon and could be quickly built in large quantities.


The second type of trabuco was built during the Middle Ages and was a much larger and powerful weapon. This version of the weapon took a considerable time to build on the battlefield and was solely used as a means to destroy enemy defensive positions. The device was far more complicated than its Chinese predecessor and was capable of launching a multitude of massive stones a very far distance. Trabuco weapons were very useful but due to the lengthy amount of time needed to reload in order to fire again were only practical during a siege where there was little fear of a physical retaliation from the defenders.

Both trebuchets were rendered obsolete when gunpowder was invented and replaced them during siege warfare. The trebuchet is an impressive piece of military history that is emulated by enthusiasts and historians today.

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The Dedication of Rodrigo Terpins in the Rally Sports

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the famous people who has made in the rally driving. His father is known as Jack Terpins who was a basketball player. His brother Michael Terpins is also known to participate in the rally sports. The skills that he has demonstrated in the segment of rally sports has earned him a post to work in the Bull Sertões Rally Team. He has participated in the different competition of the The Sertões Rally. He made among the few competitor who made in the race. The race which Rodrigo Terpins covered the distance of 2600 Kilometers with seven different stages involved. The competition of the rally that he was nominated for featuring in was one of the longest ever to be organized in the entire nation of Brazil.

Rodrigo came at the eight position out of the 38 competitors that had participated in the race of Sertões Rally. The car that he used was # 326, and he worked closely with his partner during the day of the event. Fabrício Bianchini. Rodrigo realized the competition was to be accomplished as organized due to the assist that friend had given. Fabrício Bianchini had been practicing for the rally competition for almost five years and he was craving for the race. His team up with Rodrigo boosted the results of the game. Fabrício knew well the terrain and the environment, and he managed to navigate quickly. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The success of the Rodrigo Terpins in the competition was linked to the close support from his family. His father had been inspirational to him in many areas. Rodrigo Terpins knew it was the right time for him to demonstrate his skills and prove to the family that he was capable. Jack, his father, won several awards while he was a basketball player. Rodrigo knew that it was the time to replicate the same to the family scene.

Terpins dedicated much of his success in the rally competition to his brother Michael Terpins. His brother had won the different award in the rally competition. The move of the Michael Terpins motivated Rodrigo Terpins to settle for nothing less in the field of sport. You can follow their Twitter page.

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Fagali’i Airport

Little is known of Fagali’i Airport except what you can see when you fly in. Tucked away in a tropical paradise, surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush green vegetation, Fagali’i Airport is a site of beauty and of controversy.

Since its first documented opening Fagali’i Airport has been in the middle of much criticism, the once Samoan Government owned and grass only airstrip was paved and re- opened in 2002, only to be decommissioned in 2005 due to the locals concerns over safety and noise.

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During that time the airport was overgrown and nonfunctional, with many repairs needing to be made. According to, after four years of pushing to get the airport back into working order, and a list of prospective buyers looking to purchase the airport and its land, the Polynesian Airlines finally succeeded and had the airstrip reopened in 2009, still to the disapproval of the surrounding villages. Upon reopening the Polynesian requested a committee be formed, the committee consisting of the Attorney General, MWTI, and the STA, along with members of the Polynesian airline company itself, came together to insure that there was nothing illegal about the airport being run and functioned by the Polynesian company according to

Still the local villagers continued to worry of the effect that the airport would have on their environment with vast majority of the area being farmland. Villagers voices concern over the burden that the airport would bring to them should it fail, due to the location of the airport only a five minute drive to the largest city in Samoa, busses and taxis are often serviced by locals and have provided a source of income in an otherwise poverty stricken area. Fagali’i Airport is listed as the second largest airport in Samoa and with the airport bringing tourist in daily, it is hard to argue the negatives about the small one building terminal and the effects that it may be having on the local environment and its population.

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Securus Technologies Stops Criminal Use Of Cell Phones Inside Prison Walls

A problem has been plaguing the prison system of this country as well as those abroad and it is sinister. The problem is: prison inmates can use cell phones inside their cells to call somebody outside their prison walls to do their bidding, good or bad. If the errand of the inmate is bad, it infringes on the rights of those outside the prison walls and may even endanger people’s lives. This is just what happened to Robert Johnson who was shot by an ex-convict on the orders of a thug who is still behind bars.


Robert Johnson of South Florida is a consultant of Securus Technologies. He was a former correction officer whose main task is to investigate and confiscate contraband’s from prison inmates. My research showed that it is his former job that endangered his life and the problem of illegal use of cell phones inside the prison almost cost him his life. On orders of a prisoner, Sean Echols, an ex-convict, barged into his home and shot him several times. It is a miracle that Johnson survived the shooting to tell his story.


It seems that there are certain prisoners who did not like what Johnson is doing and put out a contract for his life. Because of this, he vowed to prevent prisoners from using their cell phones to do their nefarious deeds outside of their cells. I also found out that Johnson’s current job at Securus is that of a security consultant. In this capacity, he is working to perfect a system that will prevent prison inmates from using their cell phones for criminal activities, or even prevent them from getting their hands on any cell phone for that matter.


The state of Florida has contracted Securus Technologies to provide their prison system paid telephones calls for the prison inmates. Since it is very likely that convicted criminals will use their calls for criminal activities, Securus has installed its Wireless Containment System. This system manages and controls phone calls made by the inmates. It can detect the unauthorized use of the cell phones, and more importantly, it can stop the calls outright.


A company spokesman explained that the system has the capacity to determine what needs to be done in a certain cell phone call. He revealed that the system only connects authorized numbers and never let those unauthorized calls to complete their contacts. In using this system, the spokesman revealed that they have already blocked around 1.7 million calls of the prisoners.


Todd Lubar Adores Work and Travel

Todd Lubar is a renowned businessman who lives in Maryland at the moment. He’s TDL Global Ventures’ efficient and capable President as well. He majored in speech communication at Syracuse University located in Syracuse, New York. He took advantage of his speech communication background in a big way. Todd Lubar is an impressive communicator who knows precisely how to interact with and deal with all varieties of professionals. He takes care of many things with TDL Global Ventures. He’s in charge of talented marketers who get strong results all of the time.

Studying was important to Todd Lubar. Getting a terrific job after graduation was equally valuable to him. He began working for a business that was called Crestar Mortgage Corporation shortly after completing his Syracuse University studies. He soared while at the company as well. He remained part of the Crestar Mortgage Corporation crew between the years of 1995 and 1999. Once he exited Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he began a position with a company called Legacy Financial Group. This was in Texas’ Arlington. You can visit their website for more.

Lubar was an impressive force with Legacy, too. He was a major component in the firm’s expansion process. Lubar was part of Legacy for numerous years and said goodbye to it in 2005. That’s the time he decided that he wanted to pursue something a bit different in the career department. He took on a brand new and challenging position as a charter funding Senior Vice President. This was for a sector of Magnus Financial Corporation. Lubar is a professional who knows a lot about mortgage banking. He has areas of expertise that extend beyond that form of banking as well. He knows a lot about everything from recycling to the nightlife scene. He also knows a lot about the real estate development world. Check out their page.

People can ask Lubar all sorts of questions that relate to real estate. He’s been in the real estate realm since the middle of the nineties. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his two amazing kids. He has an unrivaled passion for Orange County in California, too. He genuinely adores traveling to new locations. You can follow their Twitter account for more.

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Customer Experience

As an online store owner, you know that the customer experience is everything. If your customers have a great experience on your online store and can easily buy the products they want, you will gain more profits and have a higher conversion rate. If your online store’s customer experience is bad, you can expect that your business will not lose for long. This is especially true with the low entry barrier to creating an online store. It seems like everyone wants to have one, so more and more people are creating them, thus creating more competition for your online store. One way to create a great customer experience is with sentient AI. This exciting new technology can reply to questions via chat or email, design your website so that it is very user-friendly, and ensure that your conversion rate is at its highest that it can be.

With sentient AI, you gain a smart employee that does not require a paycheck or time off. One great thing AI can do for your online store is a support agent. With this, AI can reply to your customer’s questions, which will make more and more customers want to come back to your store because every customer loves the great support. Another thing AI can do is design the look of your online store to ensure that it is very easy to use and that it can easily sell products. If your customers cannot find the product that they want to buy, you will surely lose profit to the competition. AI will look through several different designs of your online store to determine which one is the most user-friendly. For example, some photos or widgets can make your online store not look good through mobile, which can really make customers, not want to visit or come back to your online store in the future. Make sure that you use sentient AI to make your store look great and easy to buy products or services on.

Sentient AI is changing every industry that includes the online economy. Make sure to use sentient AI to improve your business by making sure that your customer experience is great, and makes customers want to come back. Because the competition is so high, you need to ensure that your company has an edge over the other companies competing in your space. Sentient AI can give your business that edge.

Securus Technologies Wants The Public Safe

Securus Technologies is an organization that began to assist inmates with receiving and utilizing modern technology, which included better phone service, video chatting, and allowing people to add money to a commissary account from the comfort of their own home. In all of this, Securus Technologies always made it known that they care about the safety of the public. In fact, every piece of technology developed by Securus Technologies was developed with the public in mind.


The newest technology produced by Securus was created specifically for the public, and it’s called Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Systems. This new system stops inmates from making calls with a cell phone. It is estimated that more than half of all inmates illegally have a cell phone in their cell, so Securus believes creating this technology was vital to the community. When an inmate makes a phone call, the cell phone registers to Securus’ headquarters, and Securus is able to disconnect the call at once.


Securus Technologies is receiving help from Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson was once a prison guard. His career took a tragic turn when an inmate used a cell phone to organize his murder. Luckily, Johnson survived the tragedy, but unluckily he was shot almost 10 times, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Robert Johnson is helping Securus Technologies get this new technology in every prison in America.


So far, Securus Technologies has stopped hundreds of thousands of calls from inmates using cell phones. Recently, an inmate was able to get through to Facebook through his cell phone, and he posted a video on Facebook live. Securus Technologies is now working with managers of all social media websites to stop this illegal activity. Securus Technologies hopes this entire program will be fully operating within the next four months. Robert Johnson believes this new technology is going to not only stop inmates from making illegal calls, but he also believes it will save the lives of prison guards, too.


The Habanero Effect with Joel Friant

The habanero peppers are mostly alleged to be unbearably hot, but Joel Friant, the creator of the Original Habanero Shaker begs to differ. He asserts that packed in a dry flakes packaging, all the wonderful flavors of the pepper can be felt; bringing on both the heat and the zest. So what is the history of the Habanero Shakers? Well, while in high school Joel Friant was introduced to habanero by a friend and he immediately developed an addiction for habanero. He later on took his desire for the Habanero chili pepper and decided to create the flavorsome pepper product in 1995. The Original Habanero Shakers were out of the market for several years but have now made a comeback due to widespread demand.

Without a doubt, there are other hot peppers in the market, but the Original Habanero Shaker takes pride in having the unique combination of being both very hot and full of flavor at the same time. Joe Friant reveals that he was motivated to create this product line of peppers based on the fact that he loves the Habanero Chile Pepper and at the time, there were no pure Habanero shakers in the market. All that was there seemed to be a mixture of habanero with either salt or some inexpensive spices. Since Joel Friant himself had experienced the flavorsome Habanero Chile pepper, he thought it would be a great idea to make it in a way that people may actually get to enjoy habanero in its pure form.

In the family of chili pepper, habanero ranks as one of the hottest making it a top contender in as far as health benefits associated with capsaicin is concerned. Capsaicin is the active component that produces the heat-like sensation in chili pepper. Joe Friant is enthusiastic about the spice trend that is in the market, since more people are starting to appreciate the taste of peppers.

AvaTrade Review: What you should know

The basics of AvaTrade, known previously as AvaForex, it was established 11 years ago in 2006. It offers leverage of 1:400. AvaTrade’s corporate offices span from New York to Dublin and beyond including Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, and Australia. The regulating authorities are the Central Bank of Ireland, the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, the FSC Japan and by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The minimum deposit to open an account at AvaTrade is $100. The withdraw time is generally 5 days time for the basic accounts. They offer Stop Loss Orders, Limit Orders, Market Orders, and others. They offer total transparency in viewing their trading conditions. They allow normal retail traders the luxury of trading Bitcoin. They allow CFD Rollover allowing trades not to expire at the close of it’s expiration period, instead being rolled over to prevent automatic losses or profits. This allows you more control. Monies are reported to be in separate accounts for maximum safety. Hedging is allowed. Trading is tax-exempt. The MetaTrader 4 Platform is used. Islamic FX accounts are allowed for Muslim traders without requiring a swap.

Based in Dublin Ireland, the Forex trade investments of AvaTrade in a nutshell brings a more simplified approach to the rather difficult world of Forex Trading. They allow you to look through the window and see where your money is headed. Their platform is easy. Trusted traders have invested more than $60 billion dollars per month in the company. This shows you the company’s reliability.

Avatrade does not automatically trade for you, rather it guides you through the very complex maze of Forex. Trained leading experts are included with all paid subscriptions that help to protect your money. Also, for subscriptions that are paid, they provide you with the time zones needed that is a critical piece for you to know when trading. They also provide education via video for you to understand the complete Forex game that you are playing. This will allow you to make the best trades possible. Every level of trader can benefit from this platform as repetition is key.

You can open a free practice account using virtual money.

The Oxford Club: In Pursuit of Greatness

When it comes to top-of-the-line investment firms, there are quite a few to choose from. When it comes to an investment firm that holds the clients’ personal interest in high-regard, the field is lacking. The Oxford Club of Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the best investment firms in the nation. It has been in business for over 16 years, and it is fully aware of the cryptocurrency-craze of 2017. Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the most popular and most stable form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that has no government oversight.

The currency’s stock has inflated over the past year. Earlier in the year, Bitcoin’s stock was estimated at about $900. As of today, Bitcoin’s stock is estimated at $16,000. Hundreds of thousands of people have been generating huge returns on investments or (ROIs). People who have invested just the minimum amounts can expect to receive a larger than normal return. Everywhere you go in society today, Bitcoin is being mentioned. As digital currency continues to grow, more and more businesses will began to accept it. Industry insiders have projected that Bitcoin could possible reach the $100,000-mark by 2019. The nation of China has the largest number of Bitcoin transactions in the world. Expedia, Dish and Overstock are now excepting Bitcoin during transactions, but many more high-profile businesses will jump aboard in the next few months. What more can you ask for?

The Oxford Club has what it takes to get you a great return on your investment, but you’ll have to stay the course. One of the best options is to invest and then to let your money work for you. The Oxford Club has a trusted-board of advisors that oversees the entire process. In conclusion, professional services are the smartest route and this firm has the best solutions.