Former Owner of Atlanta Hawks Sues over Ferry Contract Termination

Danny Ferry, formerly the General Manager for the Atlanta Hawks, is once again in the news. Ferry’s separation and subsequent settlement claims is now at the center of a lawsuit that pits former Hawks Governor Bruce Levenson against an insurance company. See,

At the Fulton County Court, Levenson has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) on behalf of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, the company he controlled when in a leadership role with the team.

This lawsuit puts NHIC on the defensive in the case of Dan Ferry’s separation from the team. When Ferry signed on to the Atlanta Hawks in 2012 he did so with the contractual expectation that he’d continue on with the team well into 2018. However, Ferry terminated his contract in 2015, which occurred only days before Levenson himself separated from the Hawks.

Bruce Levenson argues that the NHIC was liable to cover the costs of contract termination when Ferry left his position. The lawsuit states that the Hawks had a policy with the NHIC that would’ve covered torts and workplace termination disputes. However, this policy wasn’t carried out by the NHIC, nor was Levenson notified that his company would be responsible for any payments. This left Levenson to shoulder the cost when Ferry left the team.

Levenson’s lawsuit argues that the NHIC is guilty of bad faith in policy and are liable for the expense Ferry caused when he ended his contract. Denying coverage while the policy was still in place makes things difficult for the NHIC heading in to this legal battle.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson is an American philanthropist (read more on and businessman. With a background as a writer for the Washington Star and then a publisher with Observer Publishing, he went on to partner with Ed Peskowitz and started United Communications group, where he ha continued to serve as partner for nearly 20 years.