Aloha Construction Gurus, the Home Makers

Aloha Construction is a leading and well-known roofing company. The company provides services for the Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It is a family business entity but operated and managed by a team of experts, specialists, overseers and installers. They reach to their customers via its offices. So far the


Company has constructed over 18,000 local projects.


The company has mutated over a period of time transforming from a small construction business entity to a leading general contractor boasting having achieved a global market share and granted international construction certificates.


The Aloha construction company largely majors on exterior constructing activities like roofing, inspecting, setting up residential and commercial roofing, reconstructing homes, and setting up gutters, natural catastrophe damage repairs like wind and quake damages.


The Aloha Company boasts over 84 years of operation in the construction industry; they are fully certified, bonded and insured. Besides they also have a ten years warrant of craftsmanship. They have a good public image and a superior reputation, integrity and their construction structures are branded the safest of all.


The Aloha construction company is trusted and certified roofers who chip in at a given range of circumstances, for instance, when a strong wind blows the current roof or the existing roof is aging. The company determines the extent of damage likely to happen, and handles it appropriately in a knowledgeable and in a professional manner.


The Aloha constructing company undertakes procedural criteria when identifying aspects which may hinder the authenticity of client’s home roof; they highlight the problems and the opportunities, determine the agendas, determine the inventory resources, critically analyze the resourceful data available, formulate hypotheses and alternatives, make decisions and execute them.


The Aloha Company is insured with licensed contractors. These repair, install and replace the siding of a homestead. The siding is made to protect those living in the homestead from severe weather, it also improves the appearance of the homestead by giving it a trait and helps lower cooling and heating expenses as the siding helps in heat regulation.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Interview

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Interview

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Interview serves as the Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System. This hospital is located in New York City in the Bronx. He is highly regarded within the medical community. His specialties include both joint and bone maladies with a particular emphasis on replacements of shoulders, knees, and hips.


Beyond the medical side of his profession, he also excels at the administrative and business side as well. He has particularly excelled in process reengineering, process leadership, and design innovation. He also has vast experience in information technology.


Dr. Ir Kirschenbaum states that as an incredibly busy man, he still tries to maintain a sense of normalcy in his life. His typical day starts by checking his emails and his various social media sites. He has a particular fondness for LinkedIn, a site where he can network with other professionals within the healthcare industry. He always gets to work early and has a standard daily meeting with administration and other department heads to make plans for the day and upcoming week. On some days he will see patients within his office but on other days his focus will be on projects trying to improve the value for patients. This makes for the best projects finalization.


He also states in a recent interview that he has a particular method to bring ideas to life. He will first come up with the idea itself. After this, he will perform an investigation and execute the best method to actually bring it to life, and he develops a distribution plan. He believes it is critical to actually surround oneself with people who strongly believe in what the plan is and how it is eventually executed.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Gave Bradesco Bank a Helm of Influence

     While some people say it’s easy to manage a big company or financial institution, making it happen is always a problem for them. Saying something is different from doing it. Even though it looks easy to start or launch a company, sustaining it may be a hard thing for you without the right managerial skills. That’s why many banks and other financial institutions don’t just take in anyone to the management team. Someone would have to prove they have unquestionable dexterity to handle and manage the bank or company’s affairs. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one of the best bankers Brazil ever had. He didn’t just say what he could do, but he also proved it in the eyes of many people in the country.

One thing Luiz Carlos says is that the bank managers and those in charge of other big financial institutions have a thousand bundles of challenges to face. Although one would get a great name in the world of finance, financial crisis and challenges are always inevitable. What makes the difference between great business leaders and the ordinary ones, is how they handle such challenges. As the Bradesco CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had every financial challenge to face. However, he was always quick to remember that challenges don’t come to kill the dreamer but to make the dream brighter.

Luiz started his financial journey as an employee, and he has become a global business leader everyone knows today. Luiz is always convinced that giving his best in everything and taking the daily grind with much optimism is the most effective way to greatness. It is amazing to know that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is about to retire from Bradesco Bank. His high level of management and performance will make the transition easier and smooth.

The kind of development and growth Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi brought to Bradesco Bank can’t be undermined. He worked for this bank as though it was the only bank existing in the world. He spent much of his time crafting strategies that would see the bank move to the next level. During the period he served as the bank’s president, the bank became the second largest in Brazil. He is among the most terrific bank executives who ever received the most prestigious entrepreneurial awards.

Financier and Investor- Wes Eden

Oregon State University is one of the prestigious Universities in the United States of America, and over the years the University has been producing alumni who have been very influential in the country. Wes Edens is one of the alumni from Oregon State University. Mr. Wes Edens is one of the prominent business persons in America and a private equity investor. In 1984 Wes graduated from the University with a bachelors degree of science in finance and business administration. After his graduation, he got an opportunity to practice his finance skills while serving at Lehman Brothers. At Lehman Brothers Wes Edens was hard working and being a go-getter he was able to climb the career leader from an employee to one of the top positions in the organization.

xIn 1993 Wes Edens left Lehman Brothers, and he joined Black Rock Asset Investors where he served until 1997. While still working at the Black Rock Asset Investors, Edens met with four individuals and together they created Worldwide Global Economic Powerhouse which was later renamed Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 with Wes being the Managing Director and the Chairman of the company which was privately owned for more than ten years. For the years he led the organization he was known to using his strategy investment style to build wealth. In 2007 Fortress Investment Group made history when it became the first privately owned firm to publicly trade. The organization made history in the United States as well as the world. Since the initial public offering, the company became an international company which has been leading in the alternative asset management.

In 2017 Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank Group Corporation a firm based in Japan. Edens is a leader who is recognized for his positive leadership skills, and he has been given several leadership positions including being the Chairman of National Star Mortgage which was purchased by 2006. Wes Eden continues to serve as the Chairman of Fortress Investment Group and also as the co-founder of the organization. He continues to work hard and to be committed to the company’s achievements.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Becomes a Role Model after Serving Banco Bradesco Successfully

     For young entrepreneurs looking forward to joining the banking industry, a role model comes in handy. Not only are role models well versed with the various challenges that the banking sector is encountering but also the right solutions for these problems. For that reason, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been paraded as an admired individual who rose from grass to grace within a short period of servicing Banco Bradesco.

Background Information

Born in 1951, in Brazil’s Marilia, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended the Sao Paulo University. While in school, he focused on scoring perfect grades in sciences and literature. Later on, he would start his career at Banco Bradesco in 1969. He joined the organization as a clerk. However, that did not prevent him from acquiring his objectives as he always aspired to be an executive leader. Given the fact that there were many opportunities to excel in the long run, he delved into the chance and did his best at serving the employees and clients.

The Major Leadership Responsibilities

Shortly after delivering his best in the entry-level job, he was asked to serve as the marketing director where he managed sales alongside restructuring resources allocation services. At the same time, he would serve as a team leader in the department of finance. Perhaps Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi excelled in his career because for every New Year; he was tasked with a leadership role. For example, in 1998, he was promoted to serve as the managing officer where he managed different assets under the same bank. Moreover, in 1999, he was asked to serve as the executive vice president of the bank. Following the series of elevations he received alongside the multiple roles he managed to successfully execute, it was time for him to serve as the CEO. At that moment, he realized that he had carefully shaped his career to fit into the needs of the clients alongside his staff.

The Overview

Becoming the CEO was a tall order for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Not only did he find it interesting but also challenging in the sense that he was expected to deliver excellent results in the long run. Furthermore, as a leader, he made sure that he walked in the footsteps of his role models. For instance, since Brandao de Mello was the president at that moment, Luiz Carlos closely worked with him to draw a few but instrumental leadership tips to execute the additional tasks he was trusted to oversee.

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The Importance of Ending Citizens United

     In the year 2010, there was a very important case involving the Supreme Court. They were deciding over Citizens United v. F.E.C. where the plaintiff was suing for the right under the first amendment to distribute a political video that fell within 60 days of an election effectively barring anyone but private citizens from doing so. The court found in favor of the plaintiff and said that corporations, labor unions, and other associations have the same rights under the first amendment as the American public does. This has changed the landscape of political financing in the United States and now big corporations regularly use Super PACs to funnel unlimited sums of money to the political candidates of their choosing. This money consistently comes at the price of the elected official either introducing legislation or voting on a bill that will positively affect their donors regardless of what it means for the public at large. This puts regular citizens at a disadvantage and cuts away at American democracy.

Standing as a bulwark against this rising tide of political greed is End Citizens United. They are a grassroots organization formed in 2015 to enact common-sense campaign finance legislation. The not-for-profit Political Action Committee is led by Tiffany Muller and under her leadership has raised just under $35 million for funding the campaigns of those who are dedicated to ending the pay-to-play policy running rampant through Washington. Even more impressive than what End Citizens United has been able to raise so far is that the average campaign donation is just $14! That means those donations are coming from individuals who want to see real change in the system, not from big corporations trying to increase their bottom line regardless what it might mean for the Average American.

One way End Citizens United is working to stop the big money in politics is by letting everyone know who in Congress is engaging in this kind of politics. They have a “Big Money 20” list of the worst offenders when it comes to taking special interest money. These special interests are known to everybody: there’s Big Pharma, Big Oil, Wall Street, and Big Tobacco to name a few. Some of the names on the list are known by everybody too. Representatives like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz are some of the worst when it comes to accepting special interest money and sending their votes in that direction. It is truly a scandal in our times, but End Citizens United will help propel honest men and women into political seats where they can make changes for the people.

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Jeff Pastime: The Financial Acumen with a Wealth of Experience

     Jeff Yasmine is a brilliant financial journalist that has spent a good chunk of his life serving the public through the passing of useful business information. He does this through writing and reporting – the two things that he has done for a while and needless to say, he is very good at. He is also an investigative journalist, who digs into systems such as infrastructure and how these systems impact the economy.

So why does Jeff Yastine know so much about investing and finances? Well apart from being an incredibly gifted editorial director at banyan hill publishing since 2015, he also doubles up as a weekly contributor of the top total wealth insider. He is also the editor of the Total Wealth Insider, and that said; then you already have an inkling of how experienced this man is when it comes to matters of investments and general money management.

In addition to that, Mr. Yastine is the man you want to lend your ear to especially when you are looking to have an in-depth understanding of money trends especially if you have interests in stock investments. As if that’s not all, he is also an esteemed weekly contributor to the Winning Investor Daily as well as the Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily.

These two publications are also intended to give people a proper understanding of business and money, just like the other publications that he is a proud editor or contributor. He has also been linked to the business part of the internet especially with the dot-com era in the ‘90s and the blossoming of the real estate sector back in the mid-2000’s.

In total, Mr. Jeff Yastine has almost two decades worth of financial wisdom and experience that anyone can consider as beneficial. Thankfully, he hasn’t been selfish with his knowledge since he has spent that two decades talking to smart businesspeople as well as CEOs and sharing whatever wealth of experience he had. And that explained why he has always been attached to more than a handful of success stories from small or startup companies to corporates.

Due to his hard work and wealth of experience, Mr. Yastine won an Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting back in 2007. Though he didn’t bag the Award, the recognition alone went a long way to showing just how much of a dedicated person he is.

Dr. David Samadi Highly Regarded Oncologist, Urologist, and Robotic Surgery Expert

     Many people are not aware of the fact that prostate cancer is the second biggest leading cause of death among men. It is why; it is important for the people to be aware of its symptoms and must go for health screenings regularly. When a person applies to testing, many of the underlying problems in men are identified and treated at the right time, which helps in ensuring that the issue doesn’t take a larger shape in the future. Dr. David Samadi who is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of Urology Department at Lenox Hill Hospital feels that if men go for prostate cancer screening annually, the lives of many people can be saved. Many of the patients that Dr. David Samadi comes across on a daily basis have prostate cancer that could have been avoided, and it has become one of the leading causes of worry and concern for him. He believes that the primary reason for this happening is due to the lack of awareness among men about prostate cancer, its symptoms, and its treatment.

To do his part of creating awareness in the society about prostate cancer and help the victims, family members, and the survivors of the prostate cancer, Dr. David Samadi recently announced the launch of Prostate Cancer Support Group at the Lenox Hill Hospital. The support group would help the people living with prostate cancer to share what they feel about the disease and what they are going through, physically and mentally. Sharing their grief and concerns with survivors and patients of prostate cancer would help in relieving stress, and would also provide strength to go through the treatment with a positive mindset. Often when diagnosed with a significant disease, people get stressful and are not able to live their normal lives. However, with the help of the prostate cancer support group, many of such concerns would be addressed efficiently.

Dr. David Samadi feels that with the help of the Prostate Cancer Support Group, the importance of annual screening for prostate cancer would also be propagated among men. Many people simply ignore when it comes to health screening thinking there is nothing wrong with their body, but there just might be something that needs to be medically examined and treated. Dr. David Samadi is a celebrity doctor who often features in Fox News Channel as the medical consultant and is often seen in many of the medical based shows on Fox News.

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Bruno Fagali – Founder of Fagali Advocacy, Top Most Law Firm in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali, based in Sao Paulo, is considered to be one of the most successful attorneys in Brazil today. He has won numerous cases in the field of corporate law, administrative law, civil law, compliance law, and other associated fields for his clients. One of the primary objectives of Bruno Fagali, when he takes up any case, is to look for merit points, and he doesn’t hesitate to initiate a private investigation to get to the bottom of the case and find facts. It is what has helped him win some of the most complicated cases that many other law firms and even senior lawyers refused to take up.

One the other main reason for his success is that he has a huge network in the field of law, starting from administrations to the network of lawyers, and even judges. Such expansive network in the area of law is always helpful for the attorney to get their work done with ease and get the matter resolved quickly and amicably. As a corporate lawyer, Bruno Fagali is known to help many of his clients settle their issues outside of the court for fast and hassle-free resolution while also saving tons of money for them. Bruno Fagali is also the founder and owner of the advocacy firm named Fagali Advocacy, which is one of the most reputed and successful law firms in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is a highly qualified lawyer who has studied law at the famous University of Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University. He has also done an internship and worked as an associate at the prominent law firms, such as Radi, Calil and Associados Advogados and Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arms. Working for some of the most successful law firms under the senior lawyers helped Bruno Fagali get the experience and exposure he needed to start out his independent practice.