Consignment With The RealReal

Are you into luxury consignment stores? If your thinking, Yes butbof course! Then you’ll love “The RealReal” which is the leader in authenticated pre-owned luxury consignment. The RealReal uses gemologists, horologists, art appraisers and luxury experts to authenticate each one of their luxury items to assure original quality is being purchased.

The RealReal was founded by Julie Wainwright March 1, 2011. A wapping 288 million in funding has been raised through their consignment stores.

They make luxury consignment easy with free white glove pick-up in 16 U.S. cities, or free shipping via FedEx.

Currently this year The RealReal raised 115 million in funding. Consignors receive 60% of the sale price to start, and elevate to 70% when they reach $7,500 in annual sales. The RealReal social media presence is a fun inspiring experience also if you haven’t come across their page.

The type of inspiring photos that are enjoyable depicts a face being made with jewelry accessories. A majority of the household brand names used in the RealReal’s Instagram photos are Chanel. What a creative way to capture the eyes nose and lips of a full figured face.

The Realreal has an astonishing 167,000 followers on Instagram. Other than Chanel brand the RealReal uses Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga and many more. The photography of each creative picture can capture a moment of your on personal fulfillment.

Surprisingly with the recent passing of holloween the RealReal displayed some Balenciaga crocs. The crocs displayed had plenty of retro favorites propped up and spilling out of the crocs to represent the saying “trick or treat”.

Their Instagram covers all four seasons that gives you an overwhelming experience of luxury items in women’s and men’s fashion. Undeniably the elegant flow of framed beautiful luxurious items will continue to be undoubtedly tantalizing to your eyes.