Siteline Cabinetry-Customized Cabinetry Demystified

Corsi group was founded in 1973 by Par Corsi, it is a company dealing in making of cabinets and has had over 50000 projects for various clients, they recently launched a new cabinet making style called the Siteline Cabinetry, which is basically letting the customer design and envision their dream cabinet and then the Corsi group will build it for them. Sample this:


There are no set designs in Siteline Cabinetry, the customer is the designer, they choose everything, how they want the cabinets to look, the materials to be used and what kinds of finishing to be done on the cabinet, this is because Siteline Cabinetry comes with over 270 materials to choose from. This includes acrylic finishes, metallic finishing, thermofoil finishing among others.

Duration of delivery

Work on Siteline Cabinetry takes at most a month, or 5 weeks, from idea conception, building to the final product. After that installation of the finished cabinet is a matter of hours, depending with how many cabinets are being installed and where they are being installed since each home is different.


Everything is customized in Siteline Cabinetry, this is because the customer is the one who designs the final product, thus a ‘one design fits all’ kind of workmanship cannot be applied, homes are different, cabinets are different and homeowners tastes are different, it is inevitable the end product can only be different through complete customization. This includes the colours used, the measurements and the materials used in finishing.

Why choose Siteline Cabinetry?

Decision making: the customer makes all the decisions, the cabinet is yours, you design it, all Corsi group’s Siteline Cabinetry team does is to make your design a reality.

Choice: with over 270 varieties to choose from in terms of color, materials and finishing designs, Siteline Cabinetry leaves you spoilt for choice.

Fits anywhere: all the cabinets are crafted to fit any room, this is because each cabinet is designed to fit the rooms they are to be placed in., from kitchens to bathrooms and even laundry rooms.

Affordability: The charges at Siteline Cabinetry are a bargain compared to market prices for customized cabinetry work.

Customization: all the cabinets are made in a way that fits the purposes of the room in which they are to be placed in.

If you are looking to install a new cabinets and want something different that suits your preference, quick and easy to install without blowing a hole in your pockets, ( is the site to visit.