InnovaCare Health and How Penelope Kokkinides Leads It To Help Puerto Rico’s Healthcare

Leadership is tricky to master, let alone sustain in a company that’s always challenged by a fluctuating global market. The secret to a company’s success is to make sure that it has a leadership that has withstood the challenges in the industry. In the case of the growth and sustainability of the healthcare firm Innovacare Health, the appointment of Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto as the chief executives of the firm have to be its main strengths.


It must also not be forgotten that Innovacare Health, LLC today is responsible for Puerto Rico’s healthcare direction. In fact, Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of InnovaCare Inc, met with President Trump to address these healthcare issues in Puerto Rico. It’s everyone’s knowledge that there has been an ominous federal tax cut that has been rendered on Puerto Rico, which diminished the healthcare plan efforts and programs in the country. The plan now with Kokkinides for Puerto Rico is to establish more talks and meetings with the White House in order to increase the funding and make sure that many people can enjoy the healthcare programs made available for them.


The good thing, too, about the efforts to develop the healthcare programs in Puerto Rico today is that Kokkinides is very dedicated to generating the most creative, innovative and helpful solutions that can generate the answers that citizens in Puerto Rico would need for their healthcare.


In the interview that she did with Ideamensch, it is revealed that her dedication to working her best to find these healthcare solutions had been given a boost because of reading the book by Simon Sinek, “Start With Why”. It is the book that she also recommends to people in her community. Knowing the why of something can push a leader or an employee into doing the best that they can for the benefit of the firm.


InnovaCare Health has also been consistent with this vision of Kokkinides to deliver the best healthcare programs to Puerto Rico. With already 120 years of combined experience in healthcare delivery, there’s little surprise why thousands of patients, clients and partners have now availed the programs of InnovaCare. The population-centered programs of the company have indeed acquired a track record of providing valuable improvement in people’s lives.


It is also the vision of the physicians of InnovaCare Health to make sure that their partners and customers can get the engagement and programs that they need to have a secure healthcare protection.



Jim Toner Helps People Get Pregnant

Using the fertility treatments, he came up with, Jim Toner did everything he could to help people with the issues they were dealing with. He also did a lot in the fertility industry and that’s how he made sense for all the things that will help them. As long as Jim Toner knows how to help people with the issues they’re facing, he can give everyone the chance they need for success. It’s his way of making things better that keeps him from struggling with different opportunities. There are things that make sense for Jim Toner that allow him to keep showing people what they need to get the fertility options they want. Even though Jim Toner spends a lot of time coming up with new ideas, he feels good about the things people can use to take advantage of everything that makes sense in different situations.

When Jim Toner searches for new fertility treatments, he makes sure he does it in a way that helps people see what they can do to get more treatments than they ever did before. His experience helps him realize there are things he can do to help people and there are things that make sense more than they do for others. Jim Toner likes giving people a chance to see what they can do and a chance to see they can make things better. For as long as Jim Toner spends on looking up fertility treatments, his experience pays off. It makes sense for Jim Toner because he knows how to help people.

There are positive options that come from giving back to people who need fertility treatments. In fact, Jim Toner is now one of the most recognized fertility doctors. He knows what people need and isn’t afraid to make things easier for them. He also knows fertility is an important part of making things easier on people and giving them the options, they need. For Jim Toner to do this, he feels there is a chance for people to get better and a chance for everyone to see what people can do to help others.

While people see him as one of the top people to make the right choices for their fertility treatments, they also see the positive experiences that come from having a fertility doctor like him. As long as Jim Toner knows what to do and how to help people, he feels confident giving everyone the things they need. It’s his goal to give people the right opportunities and the right things that make sense. As long as Jim Toner knows how to help, he feels good about giving people everything they need so they don’t have to worry about major issues. Book an appointment with Dr. Toner here.

Mice Research Shows How Successful Stem Cell Therapies At The Lung Institute Can Be

Conferences in Europe have proven fertile ground for those with an interest in stem cell therapies in their many forms over recent years with research and discussions being presented in both Italy and Portugal by those at the height of their powers in this area of medical research. Among the successful research that was shown at a recent conference in Portugal was that explaining how lung inflammation and tissue damage was assisted through stem cell therapies in mice, COPD News Today reports; this research is thought to be the latest step in beginning the process of treating lung based conditions such as COPD with stem cell therapies.

The research based on the effects of stem cell therapies on mice was presented by researchers from Queens University, Belfast. An earlier conference also took place in Europe, this time in Italy where Dr. Jack Coleman gave a talk on the benefits of stem cell therapies. Based at the Baylor College of Medicine, The Lung Institute’s Dr. Coleman discussed the issues surrounding how new technologies can be limited in their effects by an outdated research and testing set of procedures and regulations. Dr. Coleman believes the current regulations in the U.S. are limiting the introduction of new technologies like stem cell therapies he hopes will prompt a change in the way new medicines are introduced, according to PRWeb.

Based in Houston, Texas, The Lung Institute is one of the latest additions to the work of The Baylor College of Medicine; The Lung Institute ( was only established in 2014 with the aim of finding new ways of treating and researching lung based medical conditions, such as COPD. The success already achieved by The Lung Institute has seen over 3,000 patients already pass through the doors of the medical center in just over two years, according to The Lung Institute.

The Lung Institute has not only focused its efforts on this directly affected by any lung based medical conditions, but also provides a growing number of services dedicated to caring for family and friends of those often in dire health situations. Chaplaincy services and social workers are always on hand to develop new ways of assisting each and every member of a family touched by lung based medical issues. Check out the Lung Institute Facebook page for more details.