Unknown Information Concerning Rocketship Education that You Need to Know

Rocketship Education is a chain of college pre-charter schools. It is located in San Jose and it was founded back in the year 2006. As at 2012 Rocketship schools operated and managed five schools in the Jose region with an average of four hundred and eighty students per school.

About 85 % of all the students qualify for free lunch in the school and 80 % of the students speak English fluently though they are not native English speakers. The school management believes that each student has a right to excellent education and each child has a right to attend four years course in a college. They believe that the path to higher education starts in kindergarten.

Most of the policies, rules, and regulations endorsed at Rocketship schools can be found in District and Chartered schools all around the country. Most of the schools have their foundation in excellent structured teaching and training programmes that its goal is to help tutors and teachers to control a classroom within the first two years of teaching.

But there are some instances when these actions and practices are seen to cross the line. This is when the class management becomes militant. It happens mostly in communities and societies that are marginalized. Even Education Secretary at the U.S department has shared his own experience in finding the correct balance in classroom management.

According to a statement that was released by the school management, creating a sense of discipline is a part and parcel of preparing teaching staff on how they can hold boundaries with pupils in a good way and the school management to come up with a culture rather than just drafting rules, policies and regulations. These are the tough challenges and questions that the school leadership must consider. They need to look at their own biases and strive to become good people especially when they are dealing with young kids.

In conclusion, On the matter of technology, it is crucial to investigate what pupils are doing during their technology advancement time. What is important is how the technology positively affects the learning experience of the students.