Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Spotlight On The Brazilian Banking Industry

In March 2018, the World Economic Forum held its 13th annual meeting to discuss the top international issues of the day. The event convened in Cologny, Switzerland and the focus of this year’s forum was Latin America. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, then Chairman of Banco Bradesco was a guest speaker. Only the most distinguished leaders in the fields of banking, politics, civil society and government are invited to attend. Trabuco’s list of accomplishments that lead to his invitation to join the forum began with his educational pursuits in São Paulo. Brazil is where he completed both graduate and postgraduate studies. Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco in 1984, and during his tenure with the company, he held multiple head management positions including Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Until the predetermined date of March 12, 2018, Luiz Carlos Trabuco maintained the positions of President of the Executive Board and President of Bradesco. After this date, his replacement, Octavio de Lazari Junior took over as the President of the bank. In the wake of his officially leaving Bradesco’s Executive leadership at the highest level, Trabuco was gracious in his exit. He spoke about the end of his presidency and said, “We have a timetable before the assembly to propose the board of the council,” Prior to this, there was much speculation about the timing of his departure; Trabuco did mention that originally the date was established as February 10th. However that formal deadline was extended to March for business reasons.

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The advisory committee of Bradesco sought an extension because the deadline related to lifting the imposed moratorium on the age limit for bank executives according to In September 2016, in anticipation of naming Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s replacement, a formal request was submitted to extend the age limit from 65 years to 67 years. There were just too many outstanding issues at the time that the board felt needed Trabuco’s input. This included two unexpected tragic events surrounding the expected successor and the Vice President and President of the Bank. However, there was never any intense pressure by the bank to effectively select a replacement.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the President of Bradesco for nine years. In 2009, during the first year of his tenure, he was named as one of the most influential Brazilians. His executive skills were also recognized by Forbes magazine in 2016, when he was picked as one of the best executives in Brazil. Trabuco briefly made reference to the future of Bradesco during his departure, he mentioned that despite the economic challenges, Brazil’s future was starting to grow. Bradesco was the primary center of Trabuco’s entire career. He started as a youth, working as a clerk and remained with the bank until March 2018. The years represent many progressive changes in his career adding to the bank’s history. A history that involved Trabuco demonstrating his leadership abilities in various top management positions for 40 years.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Will Assume The Chairmanship Of Bradesco

The longtime tenure of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as CEO of Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil, is drawing to a close. Recent announcements by the bank have made it clear that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will replace outgoing chairman Lazaro Brandao. Trabuco Cappi, in turn, will need to select his own replacement by March of 2018. He has stated that he is prepared to take his time in choosing his successor. This means that it is likely that, at least for the foreseeable future, Trabuco Cappi will occupy both the position of CEO as well as that of chairman.

Brandao’s departure makes some investors uncertain of future

The man who Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is slated to replace, Lazaro Brandao, has become a legend of the Brazilian banking world. First coming to work with Bradesco in 1943, when he was just 16 years old, and Bradesco had not even been in operation for an entire year, Brandao is now nearing his 92nd birthday and may be the oldest currently serving board member of a major corporation, anywhere in the world.

But it is more than just seniority and experience with the firm that has won Brandao such unqualified respect and admiration from stakeholders in the bank. After becoming CEO in 1981, Brandao embarked on a nearly 37 year executive career with the bank, the longest, by far, of anyone who has ever worked at Bradesco. In 1990, Brandao was appointed chairman of the board, a position that he held concurrently with that of CEO until 1999.

He has been the chairman for the last 27 years.

Throughout this period, he has overseen some of the most spectacular growth in the history of Brazilian business. The current market value of Bradesco is nearly 300 times what it was when Bradao took over as chairman, and it’s even higher multiples if we take 1981 as a starting point.

Many investors plausibly connect this period of unprecedented success at the firm with Brandao’s unique leadership abilities, clear-sighted vision and aggressive strategies of growth. For this reason, his departure, even as the nonagenarian banker ages towards the century mark, is making a number of shareholders quite nervous. When you have a winning horse, it’s sometimes hard to place your bets elsewhere.

But Brandao has been clear that he believes that Trabuco Cappi is the best bet to head up the board of directors. Brandao has stated that Trabuco Cappi and himself share a common vision for the bank and that it is likely that Trabuco Cappi will continue to oversee the implementation of the same broad strategy that both men had agreed on as the future course for the firm.


Who will replace Trabuco Cappi?

This leaves the question of who will replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as CEO of the bank. For a while, there were rumors swirling that he may be inclined to promote from outside the corporate ranks.

But Trabuco Cappi himself put a quick end to those rumors, stating explicitly that he would not depart from the corporate tradition of promoting the next CEO from within the company itself. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated in the University of Sau Paulo with a degree in philosophy. He is also a long-serving employee in Bradesco.

This would seem to leave just seven candidates who are theoretically eligible to replace Trabuco Cappi as CEO. However, many analysts are homing in on one candidate in particular. Maruicio Minas is the 57 year old chief technology officer for the bank. He was responsible for integrating all of HSBC Brazil’s tech assets into the bank as well as being one of the chief architects of the Next online banking platform, the latter platform becoming so popular that it has been spun off into its own company.

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