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“October 31, 2003 heralded in the sophomore album project “Unite The People” for singer/songwriter,
producer, artist and C.E.O. - Colin Levy a.k.a. Iley Dread. Colin Levy began his humble beginnings in Hanover,
Jamaica and later migrated to Canada where he began his professional musical career under the tutelage of
producer Bevin Jackson. Colin has established a formidable career as a songwriter and producer and has
produced for Mikal Rose, Everton Blenda, Sizzla, Beenie Man, Beres Hammond and the late Dennis Brown
and a host of other reggae artists.

In 2001 Colin focused his talents on his own album project and released his first album “A Friend For Life”,
which spurned popular hits such as “Rise Up This Morning”, “World Crisis” and “Mamma”. This album
featured appearances from Glen Washington, Lady Saw, Luciano, Louie Culture, Richie Spice, Mikey
General, Sizzla, Capleton, Chrisinti and Norris Man.

“Unite The People” is a mixture of Conscious Rebel Music and Lovers Rock fused with Ska, Rock Steady and
some really hard driving grooves from the Dancehall era reminiscent of 1970s and today. This eclectic mix is
sure to please the musical palette of the large cross section of reggae music lovers. “Unite The People”
features Dancehall pioneer Daddy U-Roy on the “Trying Man” track, which embodies the soul and vibe of this
album. It is autobiographical of Iley Dread’s musical journey and it indirectly pays tribute to his successors
who have paved the way to make this album project possible. This album also features cover version of “If I
Had The World” by the late Dennis Brown © and “This Is Your Song” by Paul Anka ©.

“Unite The People” reveals a profound maturity and growth of Iley Dread as a songwriter, producer and
artist, via the production, assembly and delivery of the components of this album. Iley Dread is joined by
Marcia Griffiths, U-Roy, Sizzla, The Heritage Family, Capleton, Sizzla, Anthony B, Chrisinti, Norris Man,
Warrior King, Heather Cummings and Andrew Ranxx on this album.  Several masters in the industry: Clive
Hunt, Barry O’Hare, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare and Bobby Digital have lent their expertise to the
production of this album. “Unite The People” will undeniably take its place as one of the best reggae albums
of 2003.  This album project was coordinated by Castro P aka 'R.Zee Jackson'.
1. Intro: Fanfare
2. This World
3. Music Unites The People
4. One Race
5. You Are My Honey
6. Lovers Converse (feat. Heather Cummings)
7. This Is Your Song
8. One Chance (feat. Marcia Griffiths)
9. Trying Man
10. Reward From Jah
11. I Won't Rest/Clean Up (feat. Chrisinti & Norris Man)
12. Let Love Shine (feat. Warrior King)
13. If I Had The World (feat. Rochelle Bradshaw)
14. Don't Cry (Told My Baby)
15. Get Closer (feat. Nikki Burt)
16. Ride With The Rebel (feat. Andrew Ranxx)
17. What Difference (feat. Anthony B)
18. Prayer Medley (feat. Capleton, Sizzla & Heritage Family)
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If I had the World - Iley Dread & Rochelle Bradshaw
Clean Up - Iley Dread, Chrisinti & Norris Man