Iley Dread
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Collin Levy (Executive Producer), Cordell "Scatta" Burrell (Rhythm), Cordell "Scatta" Burrell
(Producer), Cordell "Scatta" Burrell (Engineer), Everton "Eva" Burrell (Engineer), Castro Pink aka
R.Zee Jackson (Project Coordinator),
Tony McDermott (Artwork), Tony McDermott (Design), Kevin
Metcalfe (Mastering),

With stuttering treble and straightforward beat the Bad Company riddim never over-shadows the
dancehall singers. The rhythm is so simple that there aren't familiar patterns that the background s
singers can fall into. This keeps several tracks from sounding very similar which is what happens
on many other rhythm albums. A dominant rhythm seems to trap singers into cutting tracks that are
almost indistinguishable. The Bad Company riddim sets the singers free and they turn some good
tracks. Despite the lack of an obvious gimmick, the rhythm has attracted some of the best dancehall
artists in Jamaica. Beenie Man seems to have liked the rhythm enough to cut two corresponding
tracks with Bad Company. Although Beenie Man's first Bad Company track has been included on
many ragga compilations, his second track, "Han Up Deh," has a faster flow and really rolls over the
track. The scatted chorus and speed of the rhymes outdoes "Row Like a Boat," despite its
popularity. Buju Banton cuts a track about guns that shows he can still tear up a rhythm. The
chorus sounds like an NRA slogan but Buju Banton's unmistakable style is incomparable. When he
calls out the track producers name ("Scatta") at the beginning of his cut, it is hard not to think of
some of the brightest moments from Ras Shiloh. The rhythm has many great dancehall tracks but
there is a fear that they will be overshadowed by the infamous "Chiney Ting." Elephant Man's track
makes an obvious reference that highlights an ignorant sense of humor. Japanese girls call out to
Elephant Man as he goes on to rhyme, mixing up oriental stereotypes freely. The track recalls
Yellowman's "Mr. Chin." There is no doubt about Elephant Man's strength as a singer, but his sense
of humor seems to be in question. It becomes clear that Elephant Man should stick to easier topics --
like guns and violence. Something that at least isn't directly offensive. Without Elephant Man's track
the Bad Company riddim would be a collection of unstoppable tracks from the best in dancehall,
minus another reason to question the genre. ~ Matt Whalley, All Music Guide
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Iley Dread
Artiste Booking
1 - Row Like A Boat  - Beenie Man
2 - Chiney Ting  - Elephant Man
3 - I Spy  - T.O.K.
4 - People & People - Buju Banton
5 - Nah Trace - Bounty Killer
6 - What's The Deal - Vybz Kartel
7 - Same Alozade - Alozade
8 - Wine Gal Wine - Degree
9 - Do Ma Thing - Assassin
10 - Rolling Deep - Wayne Marshall
11 - Han Up Deh - Beenie Man
12 - Bad Company - Sizzla
13 - More Than One Time - Cecile
14 - Tek Wuk - Merciless
15 - Under Dis - Frisco Kid
16 - Wa Do Dem - Mad Anju
17 - Easy - Hollow Point
18 - More Then We - Bling Dawg, Round Head
19 - Dishonour  - JAGWA
20 - Clothes - General B