In 1994, one man had a vision. It was the vision to produce music that could be accepted by the world. That man Colin Levy, aka Iley
Dread, was steadfast in his mission. With the help and advice of his close friend Bevin Jackson, Levy devised a plan. By the following
year Kings of Kings Publishing Inc. was officially established in Montreal, Canada - Colin Levy’s vision became a reality.The first hit
single, “Wonders of Creation”, sung by the late Dennis Brown was recorded on the Kings Of Kings Recording label. The song was
written by Colin Levy and signaled the arrival of the company as an entity within the entertainment fraternity. Since then Kings of Kings
has grown into one of the leading names in reggae and has diversified its efforts into not only Production but Distribution, Artiste
Management, Publishing and Concert Promotion. Now the company has branches in Canada, Jamaica and the USA and affiliates in
Trinidad, Barbados and the United Kingdom.

In 1998 Kings of Kings introduced their annual Family tour and has toured relentlessly since then. The family tour has visited Belgium,
Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, the United States, Canada, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Barbados, Trinidad
and St. Martin. Every Family tour has had at least one guest headliner and the roster has included Capleton, Cocoa Tea, Glen
Washington Louie Culture and Admiral Tibet. The rest of the family has included Bushman and the Grass Roots band, Iley Dread,
Chrisinti, Genie Slick and Norris Man. Presently each artistes now enjoy the independence of their respective careers. The goal of the
Family Tour is to familiarize the world to the diversity and significance of reggae music and its power to unify, uplift and entertain.

In 2001 Kings of Kings opened their production/recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica. Since then a battalion of hits (such as Coolie
Dance, Dancehall Rock, Double Jeopardy, Zion Bread rhythm featuring 'I Am A Light' with Iley Dread and Yami Bolo among others) have
emerged from this production team. In 2004, the Coolie Dance Rhythm produced by Cordell 'Scatta' Burrell graced the Billboard Top 100
charts in three songs; Nina Sky at the #4 position with “Move Ya Body”; Lil John & Pittbull with their hit “Culo” and Elephant Man &
Twista with their hit “Jook Gal” also made an appearance on the Billboard Top 100.

The Kings of Kings Recording Studio in Kingston Jamaica is currently up and running and recording artists will be welcome to use its
twenty-first century world class 'state of the art' Pro Tools HD system. The studio will offer superb quality audio recording and
immaculate sonic out put and performance with cutting-edge technology. Iley Dread at the helm of Kings of Kings has racked up his
own individual awards within the industry. In 2001 Iley was awarded the Canadian Award of Merit by the Canadian Reggae Music
Awards, in the following year he was nominated by the Canadian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the category of Best Reggae
Recording for his debut album ‘A Friend For Life’. In 2003 Iley was awarded the Bob Marley Memorial Award. Kings of Kings Promotions
won the Canadian Reggae Music award for Top Reggae Promoter two years in a row, 1998 and 1999. At the Reggae Soca Awards Kings
of Kings was awarded Top Independent Recording Company for 2002. The company continues to strive for excellence and will remain a
force to be reckoned with in the reggae music industry.

The growth of Kings of Kings has not been accidental. The company boasts a team of competent staff who work assiduously to ensure
that a high standard is maintained. Kings of Kings has also taken on the role of distributor, ensuring that the company has 'hands-on'
involvement in ensuring that the music reaches the 'four corners of the earth'.  The team at Kings of Kings has dedicated themselves to
enhancing the Kings of Kings product and have all gone beyond the call of duty in order to make Kings of Kings a leading entity in reggae
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