Robert Ivy Talks On The Benefits AIA Members Enjoy

Robert Ivy is the current Executive Vice President and Chief Executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) from 2011. AIA is a top professional body in America representing licensed architects and professionals in construction and designing since its establishment in 1857. Its headquarters are in Washington DC.

Robert Ivy graduated with master`s degree in Architecture from Tulane University and also he holds a Bachelor`s degree in Arts English from the University of South Sewanee. Robert Ivy extensive experience having worked with several industries holding different positions. In 1996 he worked as Editorial in Chief of Architectural Record. Through his leadership, he raised the status of the company ensuring their architectural journals were most widely read in the world.

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American Institute of Architects brings together qualified and licensed Architects all over the US to ensure that they have a voice and their role is widely appreciated. AIA encourages for licensed members to join their professional team for there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. Some of the benefits according to Robert Ivy include;
Assistance in Securing a Job
When one joins AIA organization the chances for one to secure a job increase. This happens through explicit career assistance offered to members through posting vacant seats on their online board where only registered members can access. Many professional associations have job fairs, which sometimes are connected to the conference.

Helps in Collecting Members Credentials
Joining AIA professional organization, membership provides credibility. In AIA Architects all over have achieved respect on their field through the efficient services they offer. Members are always committed to their area and always up-to-date with organizations development and trending. The organization has a code of conduct which every member adheres to providing smooth movement and gives peace of mind to clients and hiring managers.

Favorable Costs in Registering or Renewing Membership
For the organization to progress, capital is required. Therefore, members affiliated to AIA or those willing to join are required to pay registration fee which your employer can pay for you or an individual can pay the amount.


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