How Had Randal Nardone Contributed To The Sustainability Of Fortress Investment Group

In the last two decades, Randal Nardone has dedicated his life to the success of Fortress Investment Group, a company he co-founded with four other partners. This dedication has not only seen the firm become one of the most prestigious investment firms in the world, with the largest assets under management pool but also seen him awarded with the position of the Company’s chief executive officer. But what roles has he played in the success and continued sustainability of the investment firm?

Critical decision making

After founding Fortress Investment Company in 1998, Randal Nardone assumed the position of its chief operating officer and secretary. In 2011 he assumed the chief executive officer position in an acting capacity before his confirmation in 2013. These posts have put him at the center of every critical business decision made by the company in the last two decades.

Some of the most critical decisions he has helped shape include registering with the NYSE thus making the company the first private investment firm to trade shares publicly in 2007. Randal Nardone would also play a critical role in the purchase agreement that saw Fortress Group acquired by Softbank in 2017. He is also confident the business move wouldn’t affect the operations or efficiency of the investment firm. Read more at Wikipedia.

Surviving the last financial crisis.

The 2008 financial crisis shook the alternative investor to the core and threatened its survival by sinking its share value to near zero. Randal Nardone was however played an active role in resuscitating the brand by helping it turn its attention from the debt and distressed markets to more innovative but equally rewarding investment vehicles like the public transport sector where the investor recently launched the first privately-owned and operated high-speed railway line in the United States, connecting Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Legal advice

Randal Nardone leadership skills extend beyond basic formylation f business strategies and identifying or evaluating potential investment opportunities. His legal background and experience have also helped the company retain its compliance certificates by advancing legal opinion in most of the company’s operations. This makes him an invaluable asset and a vital part of the company’s continued success and sustainability.



Robert Ivy Talks On The Benefits AIA Members Enjoy

Robert Ivy is the current Executive Vice President and Chief Executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) from 2011. AIA is a top professional body in America representing licensed architects and professionals in construction and designing since its establishment in 1857. Its headquarters are in Washington DC.

Robert Ivy graduated with master`s degree in Architecture from Tulane University and also he holds a Bachelor`s degree in Arts English from the University of South Sewanee. Robert Ivy extensive experience having worked with several industries holding different positions. In 1996 he worked as Editorial in Chief of Architectural Record. Through his leadership, he raised the status of the company ensuring their architectural journals were most widely read in the world.

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American Institute of Architects brings together qualified and licensed Architects all over the US to ensure that they have a voice and their role is widely appreciated. AIA encourages for licensed members to join their professional team for there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. Some of the benefits according to Robert Ivy include;
Assistance in Securing a Job
When one joins AIA organization the chances for one to secure a job increase. This happens through explicit career assistance offered to members through posting vacant seats on their online board where only registered members can access. Many professional associations have job fairs, which sometimes are connected to the conference.

Helps in Collecting Members Credentials
Joining AIA professional organization, membership provides credibility. In AIA Architects all over have achieved respect on their field through the efficient services they offer. Members are always committed to their area and always up-to-date with organizations development and trending. The organization has a code of conduct which every member adheres to providing smooth movement and gives peace of mind to clients and hiring managers.

Favorable Costs in Registering or Renewing Membership
For the organization to progress, capital is required. Therefore, members affiliated to AIA or those willing to join are required to pay registration fee which your employer can pay for you or an individual can pay the amount.


DAMAC Owner Hassan Sajwani on Regional Turmoil Benefits to Dubai

Talking to CNBC, Hussain Sajwani explained why Dubai is benefiting from the Middle East turmoil. While many others see the chaos as an adverse event, Sajwani is not worried. Dubai ranks #5 among the safest cities according to Global Smart City Performance Index. The city is reputable for security/ safety. Due to these Dubai usually experiences an influx of people when there are disturbances in regional countries.

Sajwani remembers how Dubai benefited in 1990. Following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, many Kuwaitis moved to Dubai. The war forced 70,000 civilians to head to the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Due to the exodus, UAE and Kuwait are friendly, even strengthening their economic and political relations. These events have been awesome to Dubai. The influx of people boosted Dubai’s property market, businesses, and the economy.

According to Hussain Sajwani, another time Dubai profited was during the collapse of Somalia. Major economic activities that took place in Somalia moved to Dubai. A choice arrived at because of the city’s economic prowess, security, and favourable geographical position. Current estimates show over 35,000 Somalis are living in Dubai. Many of these people are in the import/ export business. However, there is Somalian immigration restriction in the UAE because the two countries recently soured their relationship.

Hussain is famous in the Gulf. The DAMAC owner founded the real estate giant in 2002. His business journey started in 1982 when he opened his own catering venture. DAMAC Properties is responsible for several luxury residential, commercial, and mixed properties. Its famous projects include DAMAC Hills and AKOYA Oxygen. DAMAC hills is a development centre in Dubai land for the gold community. It is a 42 million sq. FT. of villas, mansions, apartments, and townhouses.

Hussain was successful in building the most prominent Middle Eastern real estate development firm. His recent remarks about turmoil in the Middle East depict a man very much aware of real estate market forces. Many view the immigrant situation as a negative issue, but not the DAMAC owner. Hussain Sajwani’s company is currently expanding to the Chinese market.

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Consignment With The RealReal

Are you into luxury consignment stores? If your thinking, Yes butbof course! Then you’ll love “The RealReal” which is the leader in authenticated pre-owned luxury consignment. The RealReal uses gemologists, horologists, art appraisers and luxury experts to authenticate each one of their luxury items to assure original quality is being purchased.

The RealReal was founded by Julie Wainwright March 1, 2011. A wapping 288 million in funding has been raised through their consignment stores.

They make luxury consignment easy with free white glove pick-up in 16 U.S. cities, or free shipping via FedEx.

Currently this year The RealReal raised 115 million in funding. Consignors receive 60% of the sale price to start, and elevate to 70% when they reach $7,500 in annual sales. The RealReal social media presence is a fun inspiring experience also if you haven’t come across their page.

The type of inspiring photos that are enjoyable depicts a face being made with jewelry accessories. A majority of the household brand names used in the RealReal’s Instagram photos are Chanel. What a creative way to capture the eyes nose and lips of a full figured face.

The Realreal has an astonishing 167,000 followers on Instagram. Other than Chanel brand the RealReal uses Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga and many more. The photography of each creative picture can capture a moment of your on personal fulfillment.

Surprisingly with the recent passing of holloween the RealReal displayed some Balenciaga crocs. The crocs displayed had plenty of retro favorites propped up and spilling out of the crocs to represent the saying “trick or treat”.

Their Instagram covers all four seasons that gives you an overwhelming experience of luxury items in women’s and men’s fashion. Undeniably the elegant flow of framed beautiful luxurious items will continue to be undoubtedly tantalizing to your eyes.

The Evolution of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Journalist Boris Feldman hosts “Car Talk” which is a radio talk show about cars. Since 1966, the journalist worked in the field of motor and vehicle racing. He knows cars and has an interesting take on Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade rewriting Brazil’s automotive history.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade founded CAOA. Today, his company is the largest car manufacturing and vehicle distributorship in all of Latin America. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is also CAOA’s Chairman of the Board of Directors,and he has a degree in medicine. As such, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the individual capable of putting Brazil on the map with respect to Brazilian automotive manufacturing. Boris Feldman also notes that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has real knowledge and extensive experience in his field.

In an article from, it says that his experience ranges from the assembly line through market distribution, sales, after sales, and parts sales. Renault was one of the brands represented in Brazil even before Renault opened its own factory. Ford, Hyundai, and Subaru are also companies that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade helped usher into Brazil.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was born in Joao Pessoa. As a doctor, the entire North and Northeast of Brazil respected his work in the medical field. Forty years ago, he bought a failed dealership, and the rest is history. He became an entrepreneur and his company, CAOA, formed.

CAOA has won acclaim for its policies to preserve the environment. An example is the company’s program designed to reuse waste from vehicle production. CAOA also won an award titled “Good Doer Company.” It also held the distinction of “Most Admired” company by CartaCapital which is a weekly Brazilian magazine. In 2012, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade also won Hyundai’s “Distributor of the Year” award. This was the first time the any company was honored with the award outside of Europe.

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OSI Industries Expands To Meet Increased Demand For Meat

For the last 2 years, OSI Industries has been dedicated to a mission to increase their number of facilities throughout the world. As of now, they have a network of more than 65 facilities and want to bring this number up higher to continue to supply their customers. While they have customers on different levels including retail and food service, one of their biggest connections include the McDonald’s corporation.

Over the years, OSI Industries has worked hard to keep up with the demand of the company for quality products that can stay fresh throughout the shipping process. Since the 1970’s, OSI has opened facilities in different countries that are almost solely devoted to McDonald’s and their business relationship. The key to keeping this long-standing relationship strong is maintaining high quality throughout the decades of their business arrangement. Learn more about OSI Industries at Glassdoor.

A large part of the recent expansion efforts by OSI Industries including the acquisition of snack food and lunch meat giant Baho Food. Bajo Foods has a strong presence in the Netherlands and Germany. This acquisition also includes the 5 subsidiary companies and plans to provide their products to customers in at least 18 countries. OSI is creating a growth plan for Bajo Foods that will include the managers that were already with the company before the acquisition. These team members are excited to be joining the multinational corporation and look forward to how their partnership will help them expand their market.

The managing director of Baho Foods, John Balvers, has expressed his pleasure in working with OSI Industries. He respects the relationships that the company has developed with its consumer base as well as their suppliers. He believes that this partnership will be able to benefit his company as well as OSI Industries. While they will be supporting each other, they will continue to grow on their own paths.

This expansion is taking place as the demand for their products increases. Sales and demand for chicken and other poultry products have shown an exceptional increase and OSI wants to be ready for it as it continues. Through technology and savvy business sense, OSI will continue to be a leader.

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