InnovaCare Health and How Penelope Kokkinides Leads It To Help Puerto Rico’s Healthcare

Leadership is tricky to master, let alone sustain in a company that’s always challenged by a fluctuating global market. The secret to a company’s success is to make sure that it has a leadership that has withstood the challenges in the industry. In the case of the growth and sustainability of the healthcare firm Innovacare Health, the appointment of Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto as the chief executives of the firm have to be its main strengths.


It must also not be forgotten that Innovacare Health, LLC today is responsible for Puerto Rico’s healthcare direction. In fact, Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of InnovaCare Inc, met with President Trump to address these healthcare issues in Puerto Rico. It’s everyone’s knowledge that there has been an ominous federal tax cut that has been rendered on Puerto Rico, which diminished the healthcare plan efforts and programs in the country. The plan now with Kokkinides for Puerto Rico is to establish more talks and meetings with the White House in order to increase the funding and make sure that many people can enjoy the healthcare programs made available for them.


The good thing, too, about the efforts to develop the healthcare programs in Puerto Rico today is that Kokkinides is very dedicated to generating the most creative, innovative and helpful solutions that can generate the answers that citizens in Puerto Rico would need for their healthcare.


In the interview that she did with Ideamensch, it is revealed that her dedication to working her best to find these healthcare solutions had been given a boost because of reading the book by Simon Sinek, “Start With Why”. It is the book that she also recommends to people in her community. Knowing the why of something can push a leader or an employee into doing the best that they can for the benefit of the firm.


InnovaCare Health has also been consistent with this vision of Kokkinides to deliver the best healthcare programs to Puerto Rico. With already 120 years of combined experience in healthcare delivery, there’s little surprise why thousands of patients, clients and partners have now availed the programs of InnovaCare. The population-centered programs of the company have indeed acquired a track record of providing valuable improvement in people’s lives.


It is also the vision of the physicians of InnovaCare Health to make sure that their partners and customers can get the engagement and programs that they need to have a secure healthcare protection.



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