The Growth of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a leading manufacturer of food products throughout the world. They got their start as a small butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded by a German immigrant. After formulating with his sons and renaming the company, he was approached by Ray Kroc of McDonalds.

Mr. Kroc petitioned the company OSI Industries to make its hamburgers and ship them to the McDonald’s. McDonald’s was a fast-growing franchise under the leadership of Ray Kroc. McDonald’s has grown considerably, and with its growth, it has assisted OSI in increasing, as well.

With the ever-growing franchise of McDonald’s, OSI Industries needed to develop cutting-edge technology to produce the hamburgers and get them to the restaurants. The technology that was developed by OSI Industries was a flash-freezing method.

With the flash freezing method, hamburgers can be frozen shortly after being created. Then after being frozen, they are shipped worldwide to the many McDonald’s restaurants. This leading technology that was developed by OSI Industries and has grown considerably.

The technology helped ramp up production of the manufacturing capabilities of OSI. It also led to their global growth. With the worldwide growth, OSI was capable of growing with McDonald’s corporation.

Today OSI is the leader in protein products from sausages to pizzas. Yes, they still do hamburger patties for McDonald’s. They have global expansion in China and Europe. They have won numerous awards.

Some of the awards given to the OSI are the 2016 California Green Business Award, the 2016 Global of Honor from the British Safety Council for exemplary and management of environmental risks and the 2018 Environmental Recognition award from the North American Meat Institute.

This abundance of awards goes without saying how exemplary OSI has become in the food industry. They have grown from a butcher shop and a Chicago, Illinois suburb to a multinational company. They have gone through many identity changes. Along with their differences in business, they would change their name.

OSI has a long history of the dates back over one century. They have acquired many clients over the years. Their primary client still is McDonald’s. They have some facilities that only cater to McDonald’s.

They have become one of the world’s largest food providers. They have purchased many facilities around the globe. They will continue to grow in the next century. With McDonald’s being their number one client. OSI has no plans of stopping soon. They will continue to grow.

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