Securus Technologies: Preventing the Use of Contraband Cell Phones

Contraband cell phones are slowly becoming a problem across the correctional facilities in the United States. There are millions of cell phones that are being smuggled inside prison cells, and the prisoners are using them to either speak with their loved ones outside or to conduct illegal activities through the assistance of their henchmen walking freely outside the prison. One of the victims of a contraband cell phone is a nine-month-old baby, who was shot to death after a prisoner ordered one of his men to retaliate against their enemy and target the baby to induce more pain to the family. This is one of the reasons why jail officers are working with several tech companies to create a system that would prevent the use of contraband cell phones inside prison cells.


Robert Johnson, a former jail officer in North Carolina, is also a victim of contraband cell phones. He stated that back when he was still serving the local prison in North Carolina, he is being ordered by his superior to confiscate smuggled cell phones. He follows the order given to him and confiscated every cell phone that he sees inside the prison cells. They would also round up the inmates and check their pockets to see if they have cell phones on hand. This prompted several inmates to issue a death threat against him, which he shrugged away. He continued doing his job which irked most of the inmates who were doing a lot of illegal activities outside the prison through the use of contraband cell phones.


One day, Robert Johnson noticed that two armed men are standing outside his home. The two armed immediately entered his house, forcing their way in. When they cornered Robert Johnson, they started to shoot him six times, leaving him bleeding on the floor. His wife immediately assisted him and rushed him to the nearest hospital. Robert Johnson thought he was dead, but it was a miracle that he did survive. Fed up with the prisoners who are killing peaceful civilians, he decided to quit his job and joined the ranks of consultants who are working for Securus Technologies, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States service more than 3,000 prisons.


As the executives at Securus Technologies welcomed him, Robert Johnson relayed what happened to him and what his idea is to prevent similar things from happening in the future. Together with the designers at Securus Technologies, they created the wireless containment systems which would jam the signals coming inside the prison cells to prevent the use of contraband cell phones. Robert Johnson thanked Securus Technologies for creating the device, and he hopes that he will be the last contraband cell phone victim.

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