US Money Reserve Partners To Aid In Hurricane Recovery

Hurricane Harvey left a devastating path of destruction as it swept through the Texas Gulf Coast region. Homes and businesses were lost due to the heavy downpour of rain, flooding many areas throughout the region. Organizations have banned together to assist in the recovery and rebuilding effort. US Money Reserve, Inc. has partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to help survivors of the storm return to their homes and businesses.

Their main focus is to help people get back their quality of life. Us Money Reserve and the Austin Disaster Relief Network are proudly assisting with emergency housing and financial aid, emotional and spiritual care, as well as transportation.

US Money Reserve has organized a fund wherein 100% of all donations will go directly to the Austin Disaster Relief Network for immediate assistance to Texas residents affected by the disaster left by the storm. Hurricane Harvey impacted many of the employees and customers of US Money Reserve.

The company was founded in Austin, and still has the headquarters there. It also has offices in Lumberton, and Beaumont, Texas. It was welcomed into the Houston during the early years of the company’s existence.

Founded in 2001, US Money Reserve has grown to be the largest distributor of silver, gold, and platinum legal tender products, both U.S. and foreign issued. The company was founded with a focus on guiding customers in the purchase of precious metals. The business has more than 400,000 clients since it was founded. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Biz Journals revealed that the satisfied customers have benefited from the US Money Reserve and it’s expert staff in finding the best available products on the market, and coin research. The Business Consumer Alliance has recognized the practices of US Money Reserve as excellent, and awarded them a trip “A” rating.

The road to recovery from Hurricane Harvey is going to be a long one. With estimated damages totaling more than $180 billion, organizations like US Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network will help with any emergency need.

They will collect and provide food and cleaning supplies to distribute among the many communities. Today US Money Reserve is under the leadership of Philip. N. Diehl, and expert in industry of precious metals.

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