Eli Gershkovitch Revolutionizes Craft Beers

With craft beer constantly rising in popularity, one brewery in Canada is standing out from the rest. Located in Burnaby, Steamworks craft breweries is producing some of the most renowned craft beers and is beloved by beer enthusiasts around the world.


In 1995 Eli Gershkovitch opened the Steamworks Brew Pub. Gershkovitch was a recent law school graduate but desired to produce something more tangible in the world than a law career would allow. After visiting a microbrewery in Germany, he was inspired to create great craft beers and a place where people could enjoy them. His legal experience working on client’s liquor licenses gave him a unique insight into the rules of running a pub and brewery. With this knowledge, he was able to turn Steamworks Brew Pub into the multi-level operation that it is today.

In 2013 Eli Gershkovitch opened the full-scale brewery that is Steamworks Craft Breweries. In nearly twenty years, the Steamworks Brew Pub had grown from a 184-seat space to a 754-seat space and Gershkovitch realized he had created something people loved. The brewery produces 15 to 17 craft beers each year. Having recently launched their own bottled-beer, Steamworks’ pilsner and pale ale are currently sold in 85 government liquor stores in addition to numerous private retailers. Steamworks’ products can be found in Canada, the U.S., Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Hong Kong.


As an innovator and entrepreneur, Eli Gershkovitch is revolutionizing the world of craft beer. While he has clearly made his mark in the brewery world, he continues to make his mark elsewhere as well. In 1993, Gershkovitch obtained his pilot license, fulfilling a boyhood dream to fly planes. He has also overseen the construction of multiple breweries and continues to utilize his legal expertise in running Steamworks. When he is not working in one of his various endeavors, Eli Gershkovitch takes interest in admiring and collecting classic cars.


For more information on Steamworks Craft Breweries or Eli Gershkovitch, please visit www.steamworks.com.


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