A Look Inside The Beautiful New Hospital In Brazil Named The Copa Star

The Copa Star is a new hospital in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, which sets itself apart by incorporating luxury along with the highest level of technology. The hospital is owned by Rede D’Or São Luiz which has a number of hospitals in Brazil but introduces this new type of hospital in Brazil which offers patients an experience which is akin to staying in a 5-star hotel. Everything in the hospital is designed to attend to the needs of patient’s comfort and relaxation while being treated by a highly trained medical staff.

The difference with the Copa Star versus regular hospitals is noticeable right when you enter. The hospital was designed with an aromatherapy system that cleans the air and gives the air a pleasant scent. In the front lobby and throughout the corridors you will note that there is exquisite artwork on display; the Copa Star has almost 250 pieces of work by acclaimed Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. The hospital, which cost about R $400 million, also isn’t cluttered with stretchers like many hospitals are as they are stored and moved in their own area that comes complete with three elevators.

The rooms that patients stay in are designed for their complete comfort. Much of each room can be controlled through apps on an iPad that is supplied to each patient. One of the apps allows them to adjust their inflatable mattresses to their individualized comfort. The app also allows them to adjust the lighting as well as open and close the blinds. Another app allows the patient to summon a nurse or notify their doctor about something as well review their medical scans and records.

One of the novel ideas incorporated into the Copa Star are screens that show the outside world. This allows the patient to know if it’s day or night so that they don’t get disoriented, and it shows the calm beach outside of the hospital. Another architectural touch is that the hospital is filled with natural light which is far more pleasant than manufactured lighting.

The Copa Star has nine operating rooms each of which has the latest technology including robots that assist with surgery. The doctors at the Copa Star are able to perform highly complex surgeries for patients whereas before the hospital was built patients needing those surgeries had to be flown to Sao Paulo. Seeing to the operating rooms and patient rooms is a staff of more than 550 employees which includes about 115 medical personnel. The nurses on staff have received extra training in order to learn a new approach to helping patients with tasks such as dressing or applying makeup.

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  1. The Brazilians are at the top. They are enjoying the services of the Copa Star Hospital. Not only the hospital, but when it comes technologies, it is truly equipped and the staff are also doing their very best to make good use of the machines. The australianessay reported that this is one out of the few tens hospital located in this very region that has live up to their name when it comes to rendering their services to the general public.

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