Political Action Committee Seeks to Settle the Citizen’s Score

The foundation of America is constituted by civilian unity in the face of systematic oppression. Long ago, our forefathers fought injustice headstrong, through blood, sweat, and tears. Countless men of honor died in the struggle to keep America independent, united in the continuous battle for this beautiful Democratic Republic to remain whole. Since those times, the country had shed outward oppression, becoming one of the world’s greatest voices for the common man. However, as with all things, the toll of time led our leaders to lose the way. Blinded by material matters, money, and the shallow promise of fame and fortune, our politicians sold the soul of this once great nation.

One would think that, in a democratic society, any true threat to democracy would have to hide in the shadows, slowly striking at the foundation of our nation. While in previous centuries this was certain, today this is not the case. The biggest blow to democracy takes place before our very eyes. That’s right, the populous has become so saturated with meaningless media, so rife with self-indulgence and obesity, that any semblance of sentient thought is self-suppressed.

Take, for instance, the Citizens United Act. This law is perhaps the epitome of ironically insulting legislature meant to deface America. The surface statement seems satisfactory, that is because the majority of Americans will only read the headline. Citizens United is actually a shallow sham, a piece of legislature which allows the government to treat corporations as people. Considering the notion of self-proliferating bureaucracy (the study-verified fact that a corporation, when large enough, will solely strive for survival over its primary function), the insult increases exponentially.

Why does it matter that the government can treat a corporation as a human? The law essentially allows corporate entities to deposit endless money in political contributions. This negates democracy in entirety.

This is where End Citizens United comes into play. The PAC is solely tasked with the goal of returning power to, and enlightening, the lost citizens of America. End Citizens United is a growing movement, reminiscent of the Sanders campaign days, bent on repealing this legislature, and providing Americans a voice in government. Our forefathers intended for America to be fantastic forum of free-speech and intellectual proliferation, not some burgeoning beast of business. This is not to deny the need for free market maintenance, however, the scales of justice need a balance. America’s legislature must be motivated by a union of its people and its primary producers. End Citizens United has a main goal of Constitutional Amendment. Some say this goal is unattainable. In the end, it must needs be a decision of the citizen.

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